Tips for Finding a Dentist That’s Right for Your Family

When choosing a dentist or a dental practice, it is important first and foremost that you find someone that you are comfortable visiting. You should feel welcomed when you walk into the office, after all if you find the right dentist they could be handling your dental health for a long time. It is best to find a practice that performs comprehensive dental care so they can accurately handle your oral health care needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a practice:

• Do the hours of business suit your needs (do they have early or late hours?)
• Is the practice located close to your home or work?
• Is the fee and payment schedule fair?
• Does the practice accept your dental insurance?
• Do you agree with the mission and or vision of the practice?
• You may want to consider the education and training of the dentists and the dental staff.
• What are the circumstances behind sending you to a dental specialist outside of the practice?
• What type of emergency care is available when needed?
• Does the practice have a policy on missed appointments?
• Does the practice treat young children?
• Does the staff regularly participate in continuing education to keep abreast of the advancements in dentistry and technology?

There are many different types of dental practices, as different as the dentists themselves. You should choose a dentist and a practice that makes you feel comfortable and safe. There should be a level of professionalism while still feeling friendly. Ultimately the doctors and staff should make your overall oral health their primary concern. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up, ask questions or receive a second opinion. Finding a dental home that makes you feel as though you are in good and capable hands is a task that all patients should strive to achieve. Making a good choice in the selection of your dentist can make a huge difference in your dental health.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Sarah Roberts, Crabapple Dental


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