Say Goodbye to Bite Problems

When it comes to Neuromuscular dentistry, you will be in good hands with Dr. Sarah Roberts at Crabapple Dental. You can say goodbye to bite problems and problematic TMJ with advanced treatments from the Myotronics K7 Evaluation system found at our practice. You will be evaluated by some of the most advanced TMJ equipment and receive experienced care at Crabapple Dental.

The K7 Evaluation System is a state of the art Neuromuscular equipment that measures and records mandiublar function and masticatory muscle status with exact precision.  It combines details regarding jaw tracking, electromyography, and joint sonography to create a full proof diagnostic and treatment plan for patients suffering from bite problems.  The computerized mandibular scanner, eight channel electromyograph and electrosonograph allows for comprehensive occlusal analysis and more.

If you suffer from TMJ, temporomandibular joint problems, than receiving proper treatment can correct your issues and eliminate the bothersome and painful symptoms caused from TMJ.  Correcting your bite problems can help eliminate consistently chronic migraines, headaches, aching neck, clicking or popping of the jaw, ringing in your ears and facial pain.  Fixing bite issues will correct affected blood vessels, nerves and muscles eliminating life altering symptoms sometimes associated with TMJ.

If your bite is affecting the jaw movements when you talk or chew because of misaligned teeth, you most likely suffer from some negative side effects commonly found with TMJ.  An experienced and trained dentist like Dr. Sarah Roberts can help identify the cause of your pain and offer effective treatment plans that will resolve your condition.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Sarah Roberts, Crabapple Dental


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