Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

There is more to straight teeth than simply having a picture perfect smile. If you are weighing the pros and cons of getting adult braces to straighten your smile, you may want to consider the additional health benefits of straight teeth!

Overcrowded teeth or teeth that are spaced with wide gaps are prone to gum problems. Misaligned teeth can cause red or swollen gums. Teeth that are straight and properly aligned have gums that fit around the teeth more accurately, allowing for more secure, stronger teeth and gums. Having straight teeth is one step you can take in the fight against periodontal problems.

Research shows that a bacterium found in the mouth is one of the leading causes of gum disease. Bacteria causes tooth decay and periodontal problems. Bacteria can cause mouth sores, tender/bleeding gums, tooth loss and oral infections. Oral infections have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and pneumonia. Maintaining good oral health, whether you have crooked or straight teeth, is vital to your overall health; people with straight, aligned teeth traditionally have less trouble or problems with oral care.

If you suffer from bite problems, issues with your speech or the ability to chew properly; having straight, aligned teeth can often times resolve your oral problems. Jaw problems can also be diminished with teeth alignment procedures such as adult braces. When teeth are straight and bites are corrected there is less wear and tear on tooth enamel, which is important for maintaining good oral health. If you have been weighing the options of fixing that crooked smile, you can feel confident that straight teeth will provide the smile you have always wanted along with some added health benefits! Ask your dental professional about the different options for adult braces.

Posted on the behalf of Sarah Roberts


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