Eight Signs that You Need to See a Dentist

Are you experiencing some concerning dental issues? There are eight oral or dental symptoms that should not be ignored. If you suffer from any symptoms outlined below, you are probably overdue for a comprehensive dental exam.

A toothache is a sign that should not be ignored even though it can range in location and intensity. The primary reason for a toothache is a cavity; however it could also be the beginning of an abscess, impacted tooth, or even gum disease. Tooth sensitivity is an oral symptom that can become problematic. The cause of the sensitivity is important to determine because problems like a fractured tooth, detrimental tooth decay, exposed roots, worn tooth enamel or broken fillings can be the cause for tooth sensitivity and should be addressed by your dentist for proper remedy.

Red, sore or irritated gums could warrant a trip to the dentist, as well as mouth sores. Any mouth sore lasting for more than a week should be checked by your dental professional. Bad breath is more than an embarrassing social condition; it could be a sign that there is something else going on with your health. If you suffer from jaw pain or a popping or locking jaw, a thorough dental exam and x-rays can help determine the cause of your discomfort.

Dry mouth is of growing concern to many Americans. Dry mouth can be the result of taking certain medications or a symptom of a medical disorder. Are you experiencing pain while chewing? If it is painful to chew, you may have a cracked or broken tooth that should not be overlooked. Painful implications can quickly arise if a cracked tooth is left untreated. Don’t let your oral health become compromised by a hectic schedule, cost or fear. Find a reputable dentist like Crabapple Dental and have your dental symptoms properly addressed.

Posted on the behalf of Sarah Roberts


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