The Advantages of Digital Dental X-rays

More and more dental practices around the country are making the switch to digital dental x-rays from conventional film x-rays. Despite the fact that digital dental x-ray machines cost approximately 3 to 5 times more than conventional film dental x-ray units, dentists and dental professionals love the many advantages of digital dental x-rays.

A primary advantage of digital dental x-rays that benefits both the patient and the dental professional is an 80 percent reduction in exposure to radiation. It is important to note that advances in both digital and film x-rays severely limit the amount of radiation exposure, so this benefit seems much greater than it actually is. The ease of digital dental x-rays is the real draw for many dental practices.

There is no need for dentists to stock a supply of x-ray film or processing chemicals with digital dental x-rays. Digital dental x-rays are easy to use, especially if the dental staff already knows how to take conventional x-rays. Digital dental x-rays produce virtually instantaneous images that are easily stored in the patients personal computer file. Digital x-ray files are easy to read, simple to share with other dentists or other practices, and effortless to store. Dentists are able to use color contrast in the digital x-ray images which sets them apart from their film counterpart.

Whether your dentist uses digital dental x-rays or traditional film x-rays, there is no downplaying the importance of dental x-rays in the diagnosis of dental problems and the ability to develop proper dental treatment plans. Dental x-rays combined with thorough dental exams by a qualified dentist are vitally important in your dental health.

Posted on the behalf of Sarah Roberts


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