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Your refrigerator and freezer have seals around their doors to keep the cold air inside in order to protect the foods and beverages inside. The doors and windows of your home have seals to keep the air inside your home inside and the air (pollutants, bacteria, and other unwanted particles) out of your home outside. This makes perfect sense: you are simply taking care of and protecting your valued necessities. Well, what are you doing to keep out damaging particles that are, at this very moment, assaulting your teeth?

With every bite of food that you take and every sip of a beverage other than water that you consume, you are willingly inviting harmful particles into your mouth. Once these particles come into contact with the ever-present bacteria within your mouth, harmful acids are created and attack your teeth like it’s their job. Acids cause holes in the teeth known as cavities, and this is the first sign of dental decay. Yet, there is a simple prevention that can help protect your smile and seal out this trouble.

Dental sealants are painless and quick applications that are applied to the pre-molars and molars to “seal out” harmful substances. The back teeth are notorious for the development of cavities because they are very difficult to clean. These pre-molars and molars have very rough surfaces because these teeth are full of deep pits and grooves and have rough edges. The design of these teeth is purposeful – to help break down food so that it is easy to swallow and digest; yet, because these teeth are so difficult to clean, they often harbor harmful bacteria that can ruin your smile.

Dental sealants are simple coatings that are painted on the back teeth. After a thorough dental cleaning, the pre-molars and molars that dried and a special material is painted on the teeth. The sealant material seeps down into the deep pits and crevices and fills in the rough surfaces. Once applied, the sealants are hardened with a special curing light to ensure that they bond with the teeth. Dental sealants offer complete protection as long as they are secure in the back teeth; your dentist will check them at every visit.

At Crabapple Dental, we want to do all that we can to help you protect your smile. For those who are cavity prone or those who want to take an added measure for protecting one of their most stunning assets, dental sealants offer the protection you need. Contact us today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Sarah Roberts, Crabapple Dental
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