What is a Necessary Dental Concern?

Dental Emergencies

People can think of a dozen excuses to get out of just about anything, but when is it an absolute necessity to receive medical attention excuses should never be made. There are certain times when people will question whether or not what they are experiencing warrants a call to the dentist. Perhaps your gums are slightly tender and bleeding, you have a tooth that feels a little loose, or you have a tooth pain that registers somewhere between 5-7. While none of these may seem to be of high concern, it is generally difficult to tell what could really be going on behind these symptoms without professional attention.

Dental emergencies are relatively easy to decipher – a tooth has been knocked out, a tooth has been cracked or severely chipped, teeth that have been forced out of position and loosened, or you have extreme pain in your mouth. All of these dental concerns need to be addressed as soon as possible. Seeing your dentist within the hour of an emergency occurrence can make the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

However, what about dental concerns that are not emergencies but are still questionable? The safest answer is that if anything is a concern to you regarding your teeth, gums, or mouth it should be brought to the attention of your dentist. To put it clearly: A necessary dental concern is anything that causes you to worry or that causes discomfort in relation to your mouth. While it may only be hormonal changes that are causing the tenderness in your gums, it is much better to find that out than to have periodontal disease set in and damage your entire mouth. Your dentist would much rather help you rule out a severe problem than have you neglect a concern and have it turn into a spiraling ordeal.

Crabapple Dental is the dental practice that you can trust for the highest quality family dental care in Milton and the surrounding Alpharetta areas. We offer patient-centered care for the unique needs of every one of our patients, and we want you to know that we take all of your dental concerns seriously. No concern is too small, and we would much rather help you find relief from a minor concern than have it turn into a major concern. Please call today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Sarah Roberts, Crabapple Dental
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