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Removing a permanent tooth is never ideal. In fact, extractions are often the last resort in dentistry and only suggested when restorative measures are not enough. Unfortunately, there are still times in which tooth removal is not only necessary but in the best interest of your overall smile health. At Crabapple Dental, we offer tooth extractions using the most gentle, conservative and advanced techniques available. We want our patients to have a positive experience at our office when getting a tooth removed as well as help them understand why the extraction is needed.

The five most common reasons for tooth extraction include:

#1 Tooth Decay
According to worldwide statistics, severe decay is the leading reason for tooth removal. These are cases in which the decay has progressed past the point of repair with a filling, root canal and/or dental crown. While this can take years to get to this late stage of decay, it often requires extracting the damaged tooth. Attending routine dental visits and checkups can prevent early decay and certainly help patients avoid losing teeth due to cavities.

#2 Gum Disease
Gum disease is another common oral health condition that can do extensive damage if it goes unchecked or untreated. While early gum disease may only involve red or puffy gums, advanced periodontal disease can cause destruction in the underlying bone and tissues that hold your teeth in place. Over time, gum disease can cause teeth to become loose and even fall out on their own.

#3 Overcrowded Teeth
There are also reasons for extraction that are beyond your control. For example, an orthodontist may recommend removing one or more permanent teeth as a means to alleviate overcrowding and prepare you for orthodontic treatment. The open space can allow remaining teeth to migrate into better alignment. Children and teens are most susceptible to this cause for tooth removal.

#4 Impacted Teeth
An impacted tooth means the tooth has failed to erupt above the gum line or only partially erupted. Due to the lack of jaw space in the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth are vulnerable to impaction. In such cases, these back four teeth are carefully extracted but do not need replacement.

 #5 Tooth Breakage
Accidents happen. However, when a tooth is fractured near the gum line, a dental crown may not be sufficient because there is not enough tooth structure to attach it. Therefore, some severe tooth breaks may require an extraction

To learn more about tooth removal from a gentle family dentist, call Crabapple Dental in Alpharetta today!

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Aly C.

This dental practice is a gem! The front desk staff are kind, efficient and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised at the clinical staff’s fantastic bedside manner. Everything was explained in advance and this was very appreciated. My teeth have never felt better! Love, love, love the hygienist that worked with me. She is a rockstar. Thank you to the whole gang!

Caitlin G.

I've been going to Crabapple dental for many years and I can honestly say Dr. Roberts and her team are by far the best. It's hard to find a good dentist that takes the time to get to know you and truly cares about your health. I knew Dr. Roberts was special when she filled a few cavities for me, then called me later that night to make sure I was ok. I feel at home when I'm there and they always treat me so well. Kelly is so wonderful! She takes her time and makes going to the dentist an easy task. I never stress about going because I know she'll take care of me. She is so pleasant and efficient; truly the best experience and I leave feeling great. Both Kelly and Dr. Roberts are so gentle and that is the most important thing to me. Dr. Roberts has the most updated equipment and beautiful office to give the best experience. I travel from downtown to see them because they are the best! Don't hesitate to make an appointment; you won't be disappointed!!

Kim B.

This is by far the most customer focused dental practice I’ve ever experienced. Starting with Dr Roberts and her entire staff! Immediately I felt I was a priority and my anxiety slowly disappeared. She has state of the art technology and is a pleasure to work with!! She contacted me after hours to check on me after certain procedures!! Highly recommend!!!! A very warm and nurturing environment!!

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